ESL Teaching Methods

from the Masters

ESL Teaching Master Teachers Tips and Strategies for ELLs

I'm sure you will agree that we all stand on the shoulders of giants.

On this page, you will find giants in the English Language Teaching world. 

These teachers can help you

  • become a better teacher
  • make a bigger difference in students' lives 
  • reduce some of the stress you feel when you are overwhelmed

Follow them on social media, check out the resources available on their websites and see which activities and methods they recommend. 

Katie Toppel ESL Teaching Hero (600x600)
Tonya Ward Singer ESL Teaching Hero
Andrea Honigsfeld ESL Teaching Hero
Tan Huynh ESL Teaching Hero
Valentina Gonzalez ESL Teaching Hero (600x600)
Carol Salva ESL Teaching Hero Spotlight
Larry Ferlazzo ESL Teaching Hero

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