Kid-Inspired Teacher How to Teach ESL Book Cover

Kid-Inspired Teacher is a book about teaching wildly productive ELL classes.

  • “Love this book!”
  • “Relateable. Humorous. Inspiring and humble.”
  • “A must for every teacher, every classroom.”

Want to engage your ELLs? Help them learn more quickly? Close the gap? And do it all without breaking a sweat?

In this practical book filled with heartwarming advice and humorously honest stories, John Carlson shares the lessons he has learned from over a decade of teaching English language learners, training ELL teachers, and operating a school for K-8 English language learners in Taipei, Taiwan.

In this book, you’ll learn how to structure student-centered, wildly productive, and stress-free classes.

You’ll discover how you can use unstructured play to help with motivation.

You’ll find practical ways to get students to take responsibility for their own learning.

With tips on co-teaching, differentiation, classroom management, lesson planning, motivating and connecting with students, and much more, this book may just change the way you look at teaching forever!

Meet the Author

John Carlson has over a decade of experience teaching English language learners, training teachers, and running an English language school. 

When he is not spending time with his family, he is working way too many hours in front of a computer.

He wants to help teachers have wonderful classroom experiences with their students so that they will keep doing what they do best: changing the world.

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Kid-Inspired Teacher How to Teach ESL Book Cover

Kid-Inspired Teacher

  • Motivate Students to Take Responsibility for Their Learning
  • Organize Stress-Free Lessons
  • Get More Done in Less Time
  • Improve Your Classroom Management
  • Differentiate for Different Proficiency and Ability Levels