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Valentina Gonzalez

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Activities Inspired by Valentina Gonzalez

Below are strategies or activity ideas on Kid-Inspired Classroom that were either inspired by Valentina Gonzalez or that I know she supports. I will continue to add to this collection with time. You can find lots more from Valentina by checking the section below that lists her articles and resources.

Fun and Effective ESL Reading Activity Ear to Ear Reading (600x600)
Fun and Effective ESL Conversation Activity QSSSA Activity
Fun and Engaging ESL Teaching Activity Picture Word Inductive Model
Fun and Effective ESL Reading Activity Read Alouds (600x600)

Valentina Gonzalez Articles & Resources

Valentina Gonzalez runs a wonderful Facebook group called advocating for ELLs. There are so many professional, caring teachers who participate in discussions, supporting and encouraging each other. 

I have had a few discussions with Valentina and have been impressed with her passion for education and social justice.

Valentina also runs a wonderful blog called English Learners where you can find articles on all sorts of helpful topics related to teaching. You can check it out here.

You can also find a great list of recommended books and resources on her blog.

Valentina Gonzalez's Story

Valentina Gonzalez spent many years teaching various grade levels before becoming an educational consultant providing professional development for those working with English learners.

"I believe that all students bring assets & value to our classrooms & that every teacher is a teacher of language."    - Valentina Gonzalez

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