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Below you'll find articles on the Kid-Inspired site that were inspired partly by Andrea Honigsfeld's amazing work. 

Andrea Honigsfeld Articles & Resources

Andrea Honigsfeld is another one of those authors who seems to be able to write faster than I can read. She has written 22 books, six of which have gone on to become bestsellers. 

ESL teachers and general education teachers alike praise her methods for for working with English learners. Andrea's strategies for collaboration and co-teaching have helped so many teachers navigate the challenges they face when pushing in to the classroom with English learners.

You can find the complete catalogue of Andrea's books here on her Amazon author page.

Some of her more recent books include: Growing Language and LiteracyCo-Teaching for English LearnersCollaborating for English Learners, and Team Up Speak Up Fire Up!

You can also find a free webinar here covering Best Practices to Support English Learners

She also posts her latest resources, books and resources on her Facebook page which you can follow here.

Andrea Honigsfeld's Story

Andrea Honigsfeld is from Hungary originally and has had a wide variety of teaching experiences in her career. 

She has taught in both Hungary and the U.S., both as an ESL teacher as well as a teacher educator. As a Fulbright Scholar, she has traveled the globe helping teachers improve their craft.

She is a teacher hero and I am excited to see what she will do next.

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