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Tonya Ward Singer is passionate about helping teachers make a difference in students' lives.

Her book EL Excellence is a go-to manual for many teachers for practical tips and strategies to help English learners meet the rigors of grade-level materials. You can get a copy on Amazon here. One of the activities Tonya recommends in the book is called Color-Coded Writing which you can read more about by clicking on the link.

She has also written the book Opening Doors to Equity as well as contributed to the book Breaking Down the Wall

Her blog is full of helpful articles on equity, collaboration and teaching. You can check out the blog here as well as sign up for her newsletter. 

Tonya Ward Singer's Story

Tonya tells the story of how a teacher helped her find her voice when she was a child. 

Tonya's experiences with excellent teachers as a child contributed to her passion as an adult to help other teachers have the same impact in students' lives. 

You have to read how Tonya tells the story herself here

Tonya is now a bestselling author, keynote speaker and learning leader in schools. 

"I work to disrupt inequities by empowering teachers with asset mindsets and effective pedagogy to elevate literacy learning."  - Tonya Singer Ward

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