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You're looking for an engaging ESL curriculum that helps your English learners close the gap.

A rich ESL curriculum with a wide variety of resources to help you meet the needs of many different students at many different grade levels and English proficiency levels.

A one-stop-shop where you can find everything you need so that you avoid wasting hours of time scouring the Internet only to end up settling for un-tested, inconsistent, sub-par materials patched together from various sources

And you need a curriculum that is affordable because, very likely, you are paying for it out of your own pocket because of your passion to do what's best for your students.

I created the ESL Curriculum membership for you. It is a time-tested, teacher-loved, kid-inspired ESL Curriculum that has taken over a decade to develop. I want to give you the entire curriculum, everything you need for your students, so that you can focus more time on what matters most: enjoying being a teacher again.

ESL Curriculum Membership

Time-Tested, Teacher-Loved, Kid-Inspired

  • The Entire Kid-Inspired ESL Curriculum with New Materials Added Every Month 
  • Differentiate for All of the Different Grade & Proficiency Levels You Need to Teach
  • Empower Newcomers, LTELs, SLIFE Students and Help them Close the Gap
  • Engage Students with Fun Resources for All Language Domains 
  • Save Time & Energy 
  • The Price of 2 Cups of Coffee
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See What's Included!

wh-Questions Graphic Organizer
Literacy Lessons

You'll find leveled literacy lessons with engaging fiction & nonfiction texts, multi-tiered graphic organizers and writing prompts.

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Grammar Lessons

You'll find grammar lessons with vocabulary, sentence starters, worksheets, games, and flash cards covering all major grammar structures.

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Phonics Lessons

Engaging phonics lessons include word families, short reading texts, worksheets, flash cards and writing practices.

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Discussion Lessons

Discussion lessons help get students talking using academic language while learning to listen and respond to each other.

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Survival English Lessons

Survival English lessons cover basic classroom English phrases and include independent reading comprehension pages as well as speaking dice and flash cards.

Question Words Anchor Chart
Vocabulary Board Game
Vocabulary Lessons

Vocabulary lessons come with themed Word Banks, Blank Dictionary Pages, Worksheets, Flash Cards and Sentence Cards that you can pair with Sentence Boards (Also available in the membership).

Question Words Anchor Chart
wh-Questions Graphic Organizer
Anchor Charts

A variety of anchor charts with both filled and unfilled versions to help scaffold standardized skills for your English learners.

Question Words Anchor Chart
wh-Questions Graphic Organizer

Every 4 units, there are assessments in listening, speaking, reading and spelling so that you can track your students' progress towards their goals.

Question Words Anchor Chart
Vocabulary Board Game
Printable Games

Printable games can be printed individually or as a part of many of the lessons to help students practice grammar, speaking, vocabulary and more.

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Kid-Inspired ESL Curriculum Membership


Single-Teacher License

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USD /mo

  • Access to the Entire Kid-Inspired Catalogue
  • Pay Month by Month
  • Cancel Anytime
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Aren't there lots of sites where I can find free materials?

If you are finding everything you need from free sites, that is great. The ESL Curriculum Membership may not be right for you. I used to spend a lot of time sifting through free sites myself and there were definitely times when I found what I needed. Most of the time though, I only wasted a lot of time and ended up settling for something uninspiring, uninteresting and untested. 

What if I sign up and realize it isn't a good fit?

Every teacher is different and every set of circumstances is unique. I get that. That is why I offer a 14-day n0-questions asked money-back guarantee. If you sign up and realize that it isn’t for you, you can cancel anytime in the first 14 days and I will give you a full refund. That is a big risk on my part, but I really want to get these tools and materials into your hands and I want you to feel really good about the decision to join.

What if I have questions, problems or need​​​ help?

The Kid-Inspired ESL materials may be different than what you are used to using. There are guides and explanations available which should help with most questions or problems, but I am always available any time by email. If we can't work it out by email, we can set up a time to talk on the phone. Teaching is one of the most important jobs in the world and I will do anything I can to help support you.

Can I purchase multiple licenses?

You can easily purchase multiple licenses and invite teachers to sign up under your account. As an administrator, you can choose whether you want to use one of the licenses for yourself or not. Either way, you will have an account panel where you can invite teachers and see who has been invited and who is signed up. It has all been made easy and straightforward for you so that you can set it up quickly and get back to work. Click here or email me directly at for a quote.

What is covered in the materials?

There is a growing list of topics covered in the membership materials. You'll find a growing list of informational and literary passages at all different levels with tiered graphic organizers to help students work on common core skills. In grammar, all the major tenses, be-verbs, irregular past tense verbs, present & past participles, count & non-count nouns, possessive adjectives, possessive 's, demonstrative pronouns, & more are covered. Also covered are all of the major phonics sounds, core English vocabulary, structured speaking exercises, conversation prompts, reading passages, listening challenges, guided writing and more. 

How do I cancel?

You can cancel anytime by going to your account page in the membership area and clicking on the Update Billing button. 

My question is not covered here!

You can send me your question by clicking here. I usually reply within a few hours. Or you can email me directly at

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What Teachers Are Saying

sarah testimonial ESL teaching materials
These materials have been really helpful.
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Sarah Wei, Jr. High ESL Teacher

"These materials have been really helpful. The units are set out well, they are easy to follow, and there is a lot to work with. I also like the way the tenses are laid out and how there is a lot of review built in."

Teacher Kayt with an ESL student
I highly recommend this membership.
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Kaytlin Spencer, Elementary ESL Teacher

"I highly recommend the ESL Curriculum Membership for anyone who teaches English and wants to see their students thrive. It not only offers systematic, thoughtful curriculum, but also inspiration to improve your own teaching skills and bring fun to your classroom."

Teacher Joe ESL Curriculum Testimonial
A Direct Impact On My Efficiency as a Teacher
Image is not available
Joe Thetford, Elementary ESL Teacher

"The TESOL course I completed didn't prepare me to teach ESL properly. It's fair to say I didn't really have any idea how to teach or even control a class. In contrast, these materials along with the things I've learned from the Kid-Inspired Classroom have had a direct impact on my teaching skills, my happiness, my effectiveness and my efficiency as a teacher."

Teacher Mara ESL Curriculum Testimonial
I Love How the Units Are Structured
Image is not available
Mara Elliott, Elementary ESL Teacher

"I love how the units are structured. There is a theme to them and everything is connected. The materials are flexible. You can choose what you need to do with the students each class. You can also flow through a class in a very student-centered way. The students really enjoy the classes."

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money back


30 day guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee for 14-Days

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

If, for any reason, you don't absolutely love all the time you save using the ESL Curriculum Membership, you can get a full refund anytime within the first 14 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, I'm here for you. I want you to have the absolute best possible experience. I started the Kid-Inspired Classroom to make a difference in teachers' lives and, if I don't succeed in that, I don't want your money.

When you sign up today, you'll get access to these incredibly-helpful bonuses.

Bonus #1: Foundations for Fantastic Classes

When you sign up, you'll get immediate access to the Foundations for Fantastic Classes course to help you know how to assess what your students need, get organized, and plan fantastic classes with your ELLs. 

Bonus #2: Teaching Phonics - The Basics

You'll also get access to this helpful mini-course which gives you an overview of teaching phonics to English learners with practical tips for making it engaging and effective.

Join the ESL Curriculum Membership Now

With lots of materials added each month, you'll always find new, fresh ideas to engage your ELLs and help them close the gap. If you want to save time and make a difference, this membership is for you.

Sign up now. Cancel anytime.

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P.S. You have nothing to lose. With a full 14-day money-back guarantee, you can try it out completely risk free. Get all the resources you need to engage your newcomers, LTELs, or SLIFE students at different grade levels and proficiency levels, help them close the gap, and save yourself a ton of time in the process. Sign up today.

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