ESL Teaching Hero Spotlight: Jody Nolf

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Jody Nolf Recommended Activities

R.A.C.E.S. Writing Activity

Teaching Models for Meaningful Collaboration – There are also a few ideas from Jody in this article.

Jody Nolf Articles & Resources

Jody has loads of resources on her site covering topics such as 

  • Academic Writing 
  • Collaboration
  • Smartboard Activities

She is particularly passionate about helping ELL teachers and content teachers better collaborate for the benefit of their English learners. 

She has put together a number of videos modeling collaboration that are definitely worth checking out.

Jody Nolf’s Story

Jody is such a wonderfully kind and generous person. She is so quick to help others, but she always does it in such a loving and humble way. When you talk to her, watch her videos, or read what she shares on social media, you can’t help but catch some of her enthusiasm and joy for teaching students and helping teachers.

She started out as a content teacher for 20 years before transitioning over to teaching English learners. 

It was when she discovered that resources to support ELL teachers were lacking that she began creating many of her own and sharing them freely to anyone who needed them.

She is now a coordinator supporting ELL teachers and content teachers with resources and training.

Be sure to check out her site for lots of free resources and follow her on Twitter.

You can read more about Jody’s story here on her site ->

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