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ESL Teaching Strategies

These strategies are born out of over 15 years of research and experience with English Learners. Many include free resources you can use today.

How to Use Translanguaging in the Classroom
Practical Strategies for Teaching Academic Language to English Learners 2

ESL Teaching Activity Ideas

These evidence-based activity ideas used by many of the top experts in the field are both engaging and effective. 

Fun and Effective ESL Vocabulary Activity Favorite Flash Card Game (600x600)
Fun and Effective ESL Vocabulary Activity Bananagrams
Fun and Effective ESL Speaking Activity Don't Laugh (600x600)
Fun and Effective ESL Vocabulary Activity Charades Race (600x600)
Fun and Effective ESL Conversation Activity Debates (600x600)
Fun and Effective ESL Writing Activity Practice Say Write Change (600x600)

Grade Level Guides for Teaching ELLs

Find tips, strategies, & resources for helping English learners access grade-level content.

ESL Teaching Curriculum Guide - 2nd Grade
ESL Teaching Curriculum Guide - 2nd Grade
ESL Teaching Curriculum Guide - 4th Grade

The Kid-Inspired ESL Curriculum Membership

Get access to 1000s of effective, engaging resources sequenced to help you meet the needs of students at various grade & proficiency levels.

ESL Teaching Curriculum Membership for ELL Teachers (smaller)

I Care About Your Success and the Success of Your Students

You put a lot of extra hours, late nights and pizza into making sure your students succeed. I want you to be able to make a difference in your students' lives without the extra hours and late nights...you may still want the pizza.  

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A Time-Tested, Teacher-Loved, Kid-Inspired ESL Curriculum 

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