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ESL Teaching Methods from the Masters

Read their books, follow them on social media, check out their articles. These are the masters to emulate.

ESL Teaching Games and Activities

Activities and games by language domain so that you can easily find a fun & effective activity for class today.

ESL Teaching Curriculum Grade Level Guide Overview

Guides organized by grade level to help your students access rigorous, grade-level standards and materials.

ESL Teaching Curriculum Membership for ELL Teachers 2

Guides organized by grade level to help your students access rigorous, grade-level standards and materials.

I Care About Your Success and the Success of Your Students

You put a lot of extra hours, late nights and pizza into making sure your students succeed. I want you to be able to make a difference in your students' lives without the extra hours and late may still want the pizza.  

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A Time-Tested, Teacher-Loved, Kid-Inspired ESL Curriculum 

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Our materials were created in real classrooms, with real kids, with constant teacher feedback, and they were created to help you save English learners from falling through the cracks. 

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An Entire ESL Curriculum from Beginners to Low-Intermediate.

There are currently eight different levels to choose from and more are being added.

Vocabulary Challenge Sheets Help Students Master New Words

Students show mastery by saying the vocabulary words with the answers at the bottom covered. Sign or stamp at the bottom.

Speaking Challenge Pages Use Target Vocab & Grammar

Students master grammar structures step by step through speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Leveled Reading Challenge Sheets Pull in Vocab & Grammar

Students can practice reading just-right texts that cover the vocabulary and grammar they have learned.

Loads of Writing Worksheets Let Students Practice What They Learn

Worksheets increase in difficulty incrementally letting students gain confidence with every step.

Flash Cards
Includes Flash Cards for All Vocabulary

There are all sorts of vocab, speaking & writing activities you can do with these sets of flash cards.

Assess Student Progress in Each Language Domain Every 4 Units

These practical assessments focus on actual student ability, not how much they crammed the night before.

Printable Board Games & Activity Ideas (Membership Only)

Find tons of extra games and activities to use with each unit's materials.

Spanish/English Resources Open Up New Possibilities (Membership Only)

Spanish speakers can learn more quickly or you can have your English learners learn Spanish while your Spanish speakers learn English.

And Tons More
There Is So Much More to Discover in the Kid-Inspired ESL Curriculum

Buy levels individually, in bundles or subscribe for access to everything on any device anywhere.

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