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ESL Teaching Games and Activities

Activities and games by language domain so that you can easily find a fun & effective activity for class today.

ESL Teaching Curriculum Grade Level Guide Overview

Guides organized by grade level to help your students access rigorous, grade-level standards and materials.

ESL Teaching Curriculum Membership for ELL Teachers 2

The ESL Curriculum Membership is the best way to meet the needs of many different students at different grade & proficiency levels.

I Care About Your Success and the Success of Your Students

You put a lot of extra hours, late nights and pizza into making sure your students succeed. I want you to be able to make a difference in your students' lives without the extra hours and late nights...you may still want the pizza.  

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A Time-Tested, Teacher-Loved, Kid-Inspired ESL Curriculum 

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Literacy Lessons

You'll find leveled literacy lessons with engaging fiction & nonfiction texts, multi-tiered graphic organizers and writing prompts.

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Grammar Lessons

You'll find grammar lessons with vocabulary, sentence starters, worksheets, games, and flash cards covering all major grammar structures.

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Phonics Lessons

Engaging phonics lessons include word families, short reading texts, worksheets, flash cards and writing practices.

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Discussion Lessons

Discussion lessons help get students talking using academic language while learning to listen and respond to each other.

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Survival English Lessons

Survival English lessons cover basic classroom English phrases and include independent reading comprehension pages as well as speaking dice and flash cards.

Question Words Anchor Chart
Vocabulary Board Game
Vocabulary Lessons

Vocabulary lessons come with themed Word Banks, Blank Dictionary Pages, Worksheets, Flash Cards and Sentence Cards that you can pair with Sentence Boards (Also available in the membership).

Question Words Anchor Chart
wh-Questions Graphic Organizer
Anchor Charts

A variety of anchor charts with both filled and unfilled versions to help scaffold standardized skills for your English learners.

Question Words Anchor Chart
wh-Questions Graphic Organizer

Every 4 units, there are assessments in listening, speaking, reading and spelling so that you can track your students' progress towards their goals.

Question Words Anchor Chart
Vocabulary Board Game
Printable Games

Printable games can be printed individually or as a part of many of the lessons to help students practice grammar, speaking, vocabulary and more.

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