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Quick video series for teachers of ELLs with tips and resources to help you be a better, more effective ELL teacher.

Video 2: Multiple Levels in the Same ELL Class? Yep.

One of the biggest challenges ESL teachers face is differentiating for students who learn at different speeds or who are at different levels in the same class. Every class has fast students and slow students, weak and strong, motivated and unmotivated. Though we can dream, perfect classes only exist alongside unicorns and automatic-homework-grading machines.That means, in order …

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  • Create Student Accounts So That Students Can Practice on Their Own Outside of Class for Better Results and Less Pressure on Your Time
  • Fun, Social-Media-Like Features That Can Be Used in a Wide Variety of Ways to Engage Your Students, Manage Homework, and Communicate Outside of Class
  • Engage Your ELLs. Save Time. Close the Gap. Online.
  • Time-Tested, Teacher-Loved, Kid-Inspired Lessons to Get Your Students Amazing Results
  • Fun, Effective, & Interactive Online Activities & Games
  • Share Your Screen During Lessons. 
  • Give Control of Your Screen to Students Using Tools Like Zoom or Koala

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