Two Truths and a Lie Activity

Fun and Effective ESL Conversation Activity Two Truths and a Lie (600x600)

Conversation Activities:2 Truths and a LieDuration: 10 minutesType: Small GroupsPractice asking and answering a set of conversation questions with the students.After they have the idea, all students write answers to 2 conversation questions truthfully and lie in answer to 1 conversation question. In small groups of 3-4, students take turns asking 1 particular student the …

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Debates Activity

Fun and Effective ESL Conversation Activity Debates (600x600)

Conversation Activities:DebatesDuration: 10 minutesType: Small GroupsOn small pieces of paper, write “agree” on half of the papers and “disagree” on half of the papers.Put students in small groups and pass out the pieces of paper so that half of the students in each group agree and half disagree.Then read a controversial statement for students to …

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3-2-1 Conversation Activity

Fun and Effective ESL Conversation Activity 3-2-1 Activity (600x600)

Conversation Activities:3-2-1Duration: 10 minutesType: Rotating PartnersThis is a Larry Ferlazzo favored activity. After practicing any particular conversation topic with your students, you can use this fun activity to help make the students more fluent with the conversation.Put students in two parallel lines or in inner and outer circles, some call this Conga Lines or Speed Dating …

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Read Alouds

Fun and Effective ESL Reading Activity Read Alouds (600x600)

Reading Activities:Read AloudsDuration: 5-10 minutesType: Group/PartnerThis activity comes recommended by some heavyweights in the English Language teaching world: Larry Ferlazzo and Tonya Ward Singer. The teacher reads to the students, modeling good reading behavior like:Prosody: Reading with good pitch, emphasis and timing to really bring out the meaning of a text. Try the Tonya Ward Singer …

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Do Not Laugh

Fun and Effective ESL Speaking Activity Don't Laugh (600x600)

Speaking Activities:Don’t LaughDuration: 5 minutesType: PartnersAfter practicing the sentences of any grammar pattern as in the Kid-Inspired speaking grammar pages, put students with partners. (See this article for how to start with the Kid-Inspired speaking grammar pages.)You can also brainstorm a list together with the students on the board of funny nouns, verbs and adjectives for …

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