Fluency Readers for Your ELLs

These are the first 5 readers in this series packed with Dolch sight words and phonics practice. See instructions below for how to use them.

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Access the entire growing library of Fluency Readers in the ESL Curriculum Membership.


  1. There are sight words at the top of the page. Students can choose a different color to color each word.
  2. Then they find and color that sight word in the text the same color.
  3. Students read through the passage three times. You can give them a stamp, checkmark, or sticker for each time they do.
  4. Then they can illustrate a scene from the story.
  5. When they have completed the page, you can sign or stamp at the lower right hand corner.

Need more fluency readers?

These readers are great because they are engaging without being "babyish." They are leveled, enjoyable, thought-provoking... I think your students will love them.

You can go through the series in order.

The difficulty of the Dolch sight words and phonics sounds increases incrementally with each reader. These first five cover short vowels and some consonant blends. All of the major vowel sounds are covered progressively throughout the series.

Comprehension is measured in an engaging way by letting students draw a scene from the story.

You can get access to the entire growing series of Fluency Readers inside the ESL Curriculum Membership

Inside the membership, each reader has related materials so that you can focus in on exactly what your students need, whether it's phonics, speaking, vocabulary, writing, grammar, or whether your students are at all different proficiency levels

I think you and your students are going to love the varied and engaging materials inside the Kid-Inspired ESL Curriculum.

You can learn more about the membership here.

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