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ESL Assessment & Guide

Get a clear picture of your students' levels.

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Level Outlines

This pack includes introductions and outlines to each level.

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Grade-Level Proficiency Chart

This chart maps the Kid-Inspired levels to grade levels and WIDA/TESOL levels.

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Long-O Sample Phonics Lesson

Beginners 3 Phonics Lesson

Be-Verbs Sample Lesson

Beginners 4 Grammar Lesson

Literacy Sample Lesson

Low-Intermediate 1 Literacy Lesson

Conjunctions Sample Lesson

Intermediate 1 Grammar Lesson

Coming Soon!

Landscape slides have been completed up to Low-Intermediate 3. More levels coming soon.

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The Independent Teachers Membership (see below) is where I support independent online teachers with a growing library of resources including the new Kid-Inspired Student Portal with engaging, interactive slides, point system, student progress management and more.

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  • Teacher Tools
  • and Much More

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Option 2

  • Everything in the ESL Curriculum Membership
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  • Promotional PDFs and Videos for Parents
  • Community Get Togethers
  • Training Courses for Going Independent
  • Your Own Website
  • Payment Processing
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  • Swipe Files
  • Loads More!

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Fluency Reading Passages for English Learners Social

You'll receive this FREE Fluency Readers Pack as well as other great free resources, tips, & strategies.


Basic Plan & Student Portal Plans

  • Everything in the Basic Plan
  • Create Student Accounts So That Students Can Practice on Their Own Outside of Class for Better Results and Less Pressure on Your Time
  • Fun, Social-Media-Like Features That Can Be Used in a Wide Variety of Ways to Engage Your Students, Manage Homework, and Communicate Outside of Class
  • Engage Your ELLs. Save Time. Close the Gap. Online.
  • Time-Tested, Teacher-Loved, Kid-Inspired Lessons to Get Your Students Amazing Results
  • Fun, Effective, & Interactive Online Activities & Games
  • Share Your Screen During Lessons. 
  • Give Control of Your Screen to Students Using Tools Like Zoom or Koala

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