Conversation Activities:


Duration: 10 minutes

Type: Small Groups

  1. On small pieces of paper, write "agree" on half of the papers and "disagree" on half of the papers.
  2. Put students in small groups and pass out the pieces of paper so that half of the students in each group agree and half disagree.
  3. Then read a controversial statement for students to debate.
  4. The controversial statements can be silly or serious. The point of the activity is to get students talking. 
  5. Here are some example statements you could read:
    1. Teachers should not give homework.
    2. All children should be required to learn a 2nd language.
    3. All students should be required to learn cooking.
    4. Schools should not have the summer off; they should continue in school year-round.
    5. All adults should have to walk around with a chicken on their heads.
    6. We should send people to live on the moon.
    7. Children should not watch TV or play video games.
    8. Students should have to run to school, not take a bus.
    9. We should change "Hi" to "You are awesome."
    10. Everyone should learn how to write with their feet as well as their hands.

Have you tried this activity? How did it go? Leave your comments below!

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