Two Truths and a Lie Activity

Conversation Activities:

2 Truths and a Lie

Duration: 10 minutes

Type: Small Groups

  1. Practice asking and answering a set of conversation questions with the students.
  2. After they have the idea, all students write answers to 2 conversation questions truthfully and lie in answer to 1 conversation question.
  3. In small groups of 3-4, students take turns asking 1 particular student the conversation questions. The student answering questions tries not to let on which answer is a lie while the other students try to keep asking questions in order to figure out which answer is a lie.
  4. After everyone is finished asking questions, everyone writes down which question they believe is a lie. The students who guess correctly get a point.
  5. Optional: if everyone guesses correctly, the person answering questions loses a point, but if some people guess wrong, then the person answering gets a point.
  6. Then the next student goes.


  • This activity keeps students engaged in asking and answering questions using target conversations.
  • All students are participating when the groups are small.

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