Teaching Grade Level Content to ESL Students Overview

In this post, you will learn specific lesson-planning strategies to help your students access rigorous, grade-level content, regardless of what their current English level is.

This guide includes:

  • Concrete Lesson Planning Tips
  • Guides to Specific Grade Level Standards Adapted for ELLs
  • Engaging and Effective Activities and Strategies

Whether you have your English learners for a block of time or you are co-teaching in the general education classroom, you'll find lots of ideas and inspiration here.

Let's dive right in.

Guides to Grade-Level Standards Adapted for ELLs

You can find the grade level you need to focus on below to dig deeper into the specific skills students need to be working on.

ESL Teaching Curriculum Guide - 2nd Grade
ESL Teaching Curriculum Guide - 2nd Grade
ESL Teaching Curriculum Guide - 4th Grade
ESL Teaching Curriculum Guide - 5th Grade

More Grades to Come...

Grade-Level Lesson Planning for ELLs

If we were to put English learners in a grade based on their English level, most would never catch up to their peers. This would set them way behind not only in school, but in life.

That means, if you are in a native-English speaking context, although it may seem daunting, even newcomers with next to no English should be diving right in to grade-level material as soon as possible. 

To accomplish this, we quickly find that there are many challenges, complicated standards, and dizzyingly numerous strategies to get our heads around. 

To learn how to plan a lesson that will help our ELs access grade-level material without causing us to pull out your hair--or our students to pull out theirs ? --click below.

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