How to Teach Online with the Kid-Inspired ESL Curriculum

Interested in using the Kid-Inspired ESL Curriculum for teaching online?

There are 2 options:

  • The regular ESL Curriculum Membership was designed for classroom teachers
  • The Interactive Online ESL Curriculum & Student Portal designed for online teachers

Both options can be used for teaching online.


…the interactive features in the regular ESL Curriculum Membership are limited.

Those interactive features that are included were designed more with classroom ELL teachers who have more students than they have time to meet with regularly, or who need to teach online temporarily due to school closures.


Let’s take a look at what’s included with the basic ESL Curriculum Membership.

File Types Included in the Kid-Inspired ESL Curriculum Membership

There are 3 file types for the primary resources in the curriculum: 

  • PDF
  • PowerPoint 
  • NearPod

These can be used in a variety of ways to create engagement online.

Scroll down for information and video tutorials on using the materials online!

Horizontal & Vertical Options

All of the core resources in the membership include a vertical, portrait printable PDF option and a horizontal, landscape PPT option. The vertical resources are important because they:

  • Classroom teachers need printed material.
  • Students can write with actual pencil & paper even during online sessions.
  • Leaves white space around the sides for annotation and interaction while teaching in a classroom or online.

Landscape versions for the core resources have been developed to make sharing to a smartboard or online teaching even easier.

Example of Landscape Slide

Tutorials with the Basic ESL Curriculum Membership

Training Replay – How to Use the Kid-Inspired Curriculum for Online Teaching

Interactive Slides with NearPod -Example Tutorial

  • NearPod is a really fun, free platform where you can create interactive slides. Create an account ->
  • You can teach one-on-one or get whole groups engaging with the lessons at the same time.
  • Lessons can be synchronous or asynchronous. Check out the video to learn more!

NearPod Tutorial

Here’s another video on how to use NearPod with the materials inside the ESL Curriculum Membership.

Zoom & Other Online Teaching Platforms

You can use the materials with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Classin, OutSchool, or most any other platform for teaching online.

Google Slides & Google Classroom

You can also make the materials interactive by uploading to Google Slides.

Interactive Online ESL Curriculum & Student Portal

Due to popular demand…

We developed a platform specifically for online ESL teachers.

The needs of online ESL teachers are different than those of classroom teachers which is why we needed to create something separate and specifically designed with online teachers in mind.

That is how the Interactive Online ESL Curriculum & Student Portal came to be.

The new portal is jam-packed with interactive content that makes teaching online more fun, engaging, & effective.

  • The more fund, engaging, & effective lessons you provide, the happier your parents and students will be.
  • The better experience you provide your parents, the more classes they will take with you.
  • The more they will spread the word to other parents, helping you to bring in more students.

Overview of the Interactive Online ESL Curriculum

You can watch the overview video below to get an idea of what’s included in the portal.

The new Interactive Online ESL Curriculum & Student Portal is included in the Independent Teachers Membership. For more details on how to get access, see below.

How to Get Access to the Different ESL Curriculum Options

Option 1:

Kid-Inspired ESL Curriculum Membership

ESL Teaching Curriculum Membership for ELL Teachers


  • The Entire Kid-Inspired ESL Curriculum
  • All Supplementary Resources
  • Courses on Using the Resources
  • New Resources Every Month
  • License to use the curriculum with students you personally teach online or offline*

Option 2:

Independent Teachers Membership



  • The Entire ESL Curriculum Membership
  • The new Interactive Online ESL Curriculum & Student Portal
  • Includes licensing to promote the curriculum on your site or freelance platform using pre-made promotional videos, images, handouts, and more.
  • Your Own Professional Website
  • Payment Processing
  • Scheduling
  • Training (Find Students, Marketing, Website Design)
  • Community

* An active membership must be maintained in order to continue using the curriculum. Kid-Inspired Classroom reserves ownership of all content. The ESL Curriculum Membership license does not allow the use of resources, images, logos, or text from Kid-Inspired Classroom or Independent Teacher in any promotional content. If you need promotional content to promote the curriculum on your website or elsewhere, please refer to the Independent Teachers Membership.

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