Speed Challenge

Speaking Activities:

Speed Challenge

ESL Speaking Activity Sentence Race

Duration: 10 minutes

Type: Partners

  1. After practicing any set of sentences--they could be vocabulary sentences, concept summary sentences, grammar pattern sentences--put students in partners. (See this article for how to start with the speaking grammar pages.) 
  2. The goal of this game is to see which pair of students can make the most sentences in 1 minute (or 30 seconds). Students have to speak clearly and audibly for the sentences to count.
  3. If they finish all of the sentences on a page, they can go back to the first sentence again and say the sentences through a second time.
  4. Students practice the sentences however they want with the goal of saying as many as they can. You can give the groups 5 minutes or so to practice. 
  5. Groups take turns being timed. You can write scores on the board or students can write them on their pages.
  6. If you have students who don't respond well to competition, just make it a beat your own score activity. Each group gets timed, writes down their score and then tries a second time later to beat their first score.


  • This activity is fast and requires no preparation. 
  • Students end up saying the sentences so many times, they say them without even thinking. Just be careful to let them know they have to speak clearly and audibly.

Have you tried this activity? How did it go? Leave your comments below!