Do Not Laugh

Speaking Activities:

Don't Laugh

Duration: 5 minutes

Type: Partners

  1. After practicing the sentences of any grammar pattern as in the Kid-Inspired speaking grammar pages, put students with partners. (See this article for how to start with the Kid-Inspired speaking grammar pages.)
  2. You can also brainstorm a list together with the students on the board of funny nouns, verbs and adjectives for students to use during the game. 
  3. Students use the grammar page sentences as sentence frames which should include both questions and answers. Students take turns asking a question for the other person to answer. After the other person answers, that person asks a question back, and so on. 
  4. The only thing is that students cannot laugh. They have to ask and answer with a straight face. 
  5. Students can ask silly questions, give silly answers or say their questions and answers in a silly way.
  6. Whoever laughs first loses.
  7. You can have winners face off against winners and losers face off against losers until you have an ultimate no-laugh champion.


  • This activity is fast and requires no preparation. 
  • Students are motivated to get creative and make the sentences their own, often experimenting with new vocabulary. 
  • Students end up making a ton of sentences.
  • Everyone student is required to speak so that everyone gets lots of practice.

Have you tried this activity? How did it go? Leave your comments below!