Teaching Could Change the World

If you are a teacher, in a million small ways, you are making a difference. In a million interactions over millions of seconds, children’s lives are affected by what you do. It isn’t easy, and there are some days when you want to give up. Some days when you want to kick over desks, scream and pull out your hair. Some days when you want to jump and shout for the joy of having gotten through to that one child no one thought could be gotten through to.

I don’t know all the answers, but I hope, in whatever little way I can, to help shape the conversation. I want to support you in whatever way I can to be a better teacher. I want to save you as much time and energy as I can so that you are more available to your students. I want to help make teaching as fun and rewarding as you dreamed it could be when you first decided to take up this hard-knocked occupation.

I imagine that if you are like me, you thought you could make a difference. You thought you could make a difference in children’s lives. You thought you could light that fire in your students, that love of learning. You thought you could teach them not only math and reading and social studies, but how to treat others and how to handle conflict. Me too. We can do it. If enough of us care enough, if enough of us care to change the world, we can do it.