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A Time-Tested, Teacher-Loved, Kid-Inspired ESL Curriculum

You can get materials from the Kid-Inspired ESL Curriculum for your teachers by subscribing to a multi-teacher membership license or by purchasing printed textbooks or both.

Multi-Teacher Membership

Your teachers get unlimited online access to the entire Kid-Inspired ESL Curriculum, all future updates, and tons of extras on any device anywhere.

Kid-Inspired ESL Curriculum Membership Cover

ESL Curriculum Membership

Multi-Teacher License

  • Everything your teachers need to engage ELLs, save time, and close the gap.
  • Unlimited Online Access for the Number of Teachers on Your License
  • Engaging, Culturally-Responsive, Evidence-Based Materials
  • Related Activity Ideas
  • & Much More

Printed Textbooks

You can purchase printed textbooks for any level in the Kid-Inspired ESL Curriculum. You can pair these textbooks with the membership to give teachers access to all of the extra worksheets, flash cards, printable board games, activity ideas and more!

Beginners Printed 3-Pack

Full-Color Printed Textbooks

  • Get Printed Versions of the Textbooks
  • Can Be Paired with the Membership for an Ultimate Solution to Your Teachers ESL Curriculum Needs
  • Discounts Available for Bulk Purchases

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