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Kid-Inspired Collaboration Portal

Collaborate. Advocate. Data-Driven. Stress-Free.

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Make an impact, but without the stress.

  • Make data-driven decisions about how to best help your ELLs.
  • Get organized with automatic monitoring forms.
  • Motivate colleagues to take action to better support your ELLs.
  • Collaborate with co-teachers on lesson plans.
  • Reduce the stress & overwhelm so you can focus more of your energy where it matters most.

Tools That Make Your Life Easier


  • See all your most important events
  • Upcoming lesson plans you’re collaborating on
  • Important student notes
  • Scheduled monitoring forms
  • And more…

Super-Flexible Groups

  • Group students however you want
  • Put students into multiple groups
  • View statistics on each of your groups
  • Assign a colleague to any group and give them access so that they can view data on those students
  • Schedule monitoring forms to be automatically sent out for all students in a group

Track Assessment Data for Multiple Assessment Types

  • Track assessment data
  • Map data on a graph to visually see where students need the most work
  • View data specific to any group you have created
  • Track data from multiple assessment types

Time-Saving Monitoring Forms

  • Schedule monitoring forms for individuals or groups
  • Schedule forms for individual students or for groups you’ve created
  • Invite colleagues and give them access so that they can sign up and complete monitoring forms at their convenience
  • View data from all your monitoring forms to find out how to best utilize your resources to support your ELLs

Data-Driven Lesson Plans

  • Create, upload, and/or link out to lesson plans
  • Invite and give access to colleagues so that you can collaborate on lesson planning together
  • Choose any group to associate with a lesson plan so you and your co-teachers can view information specific to those students
  • Find inspirational resources, activities, and articles to help you and your co-teachers scaffold content for your students
esl curriculum membership orange bird icon


Can my school pay with a money order?

Money orders are accepted. If you’d like to pay with a money order, you can fill out the Get a Quote form.

How secure is the platform?

The Kid-Inspired Collaboration Portal is hosted with full-disk encryption on AWS, boasts record-level security, and utilizes TLS encryption on all data transfers.

Does the portal include the ESL Curriculum Membership?

The Kid-Inspired ESL Curriculum Membership can be purchased as an add-on to the Collaboration Portal. When requesting a quote for the Collaboration Portal, you can request to have the price of the curriculum included in the quote.

Are custom options available?

Customized options can be built specifically for your school. Email me directly at to discuss your needs and receive a quote.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel anytime from your account page or by emailing me at

My question is not covered here!

You can send me your question by clicking here. I usually reply within a few hours. Or you can email me directly at

esl curriculum membership orange bird icon

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With new tools available inside the Collaboration Portal, you’ll be able to better serve your English Learners, but without the stress.

  • Simplify your daily tasks
  • Track student progress
  • Make data-drive decisions
  • Collaborate with colleagues
  • Make a difference

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