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A Time-Tested, Teacher-Loved, Kid-Inspired ESL Curriculum

You can get materials from the Kid-Inspired ESL Curriculum by purchasing levels individually or in bundles, or by signing up for access to everything with the ESL Curriculum Membership.

Best Option - Membership

Get unlimited online access to the entire Kid-Inspired ESL Curriculum, all future updates, and tons of extras on any device anywhere.

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ESL Curriculum Membership

2 Weeks FREE - Then $6.99/month or $59.99/year - Cancel Anytime

  • All Levels - Beginners 1 to Low-Inter 4
  • Unlimited Online Access
  • Printable Games
  • Related Activity Ideas
  • Spanish/English Resources
  • Kid-Inspired Community
  • & Much More

Option 2 - Bundles

If you don't need online access to everything, you can get bundles that include just the Beginners curriculum or just the Low-Intermediate curriculum. 

Beginners Bundle

$39.99 ($59.96)

  • Beginners 1-3
  • Digital Download
  • Survival English Vocabulary & Speaking
  • Complete Phonics Curriculum
  • Be-Verbs
ESL Newcomers All You Need Beginners Bundle v1

Low-Intermediate Bundle

$39.99 ($44.98)

  • Includes Low-Intermediate 1-3
  • Digital Download
  • Complete Basic Grammar & Subject-Verb Agreement Curriculum
  • All Major Tenses
  • All 4 Language Domains

Option 3 - Individual levels

You can also buy just the levels you need by following the links below.

Pricing Comparison

You can use the table below to compare your options.

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