Interactive Lesson Planning Guide - Grammar Lessons

The units in the beginners levels follow a consistent structure. This helps you create consistent routines, builds confidence in your students, and saves tons of time on lesson planning. 

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  1. Vocabulary Page Instructions
  2. Grammar Page Instructions
  3. Grammar Lesson Plan Download

Introduction to the Grammar Lesson Vocabulary Pages

Many (but not all) of the grammar lessons include a vocabulary page like the one below. Click on the numbers to learn how the page is designed.

Want more ideas on how to use the vocabulary word bank page? Check out this article.

Introduction to the Grammar Lesson Sentence Starter Speaking Pages

Want more ideas on how to use the sentence starter speaking pages? Check out this article.

Beginners 4 to Low-Intermediate 3 Grammar Lesson Plan

This lesson plan will work for most of the units in Beginners 4 to Low-Intermediate 3. Keeping a consistent lesson structure like this one for your classes will help you have:

  • regular routines
  • more efficient and effective classes
  • more confident and secure students
  • more free time since you'll be spending less time lesson planning
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